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Universal Life Insurance Pros & Cons

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Universal Life Insurance Cons:
No Cash Value Guarantees

Because of the flexible premium schedule, the cash value of your universal life insurance is almost totally under your control.  Because of this, the insurance company cannot guarantee any cash value at any time.  However, this can be a great benefit, because you can add more than scheduled, earning larger returns.

Universal Life Insurance Pros and Cons

As with any financial instrument, your universal life insurance policy has some great benefits along with some aspects that could be considered disadvantages, all depending on your specific needs and goals.  To find out if universal life insurance is truly what you need, please call us today at 866-866-0242.  Until you make the call, below are some of the pros and cons of universal life insurance.
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Universal Life Insurance
Pros and Cons Below

Universal Life Insurance Pros:

Cash Value is

Tax Deferred

With universal life insurance, you are not required to pay taxes on the earnings unless you actually receive money.  Because of this, your cash value qualifies as a tax deferred savings plan.  Of course, if you want to minimize your tax obligations using universal life insurance, you can't go wrong by calling one of our counselors today at 866-866-0242.

Universal Life Insurance Pros:
Flexible Premiums

Universal life insurance is set up with flexible premiums.  This means that, so long as you can make a minimum payment (in accordance with your policy), your universal life insurance will remain in force.  This makes the universal life insurance policy an excellent choice for many people today because of fluctuating income levels.

Universal Life Insurance Pros:
Guaranteed Earning Potential

Especially with indexed universal life insurance policies, your interest rates will vary upward from a guaranteed minimum percentage rate.  The balance of your cash value will earn according to the performance of an index, like S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Markets.

Universal Life Insurance Cons:
Higher Premiums

Most people see this as neither good nor bad, but we have to include this somewhere.  It might be more expensive than a term life insurance policy, but the excess premiums go to provide for a savings plan of sorts as well as other minor costs.  To find out how much the premiums will be for your universal life insurance, call 866-866-0242 today.

Universal Life Insurance Cons:
Lowered Interest Rates

Because of the guaranteed minimum interest rates on your universal life insurance, these rates will be lower than the higher interest possible in other savings vehicles.  However, this is offset by the lack of security using those avenues of savings.  To see if universal life insurance is right for you, call us at 866-866-0242 today.
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