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Term vs Universal Life Insurance

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Got Questions? Get Answers!
Got Questions? Get Answers!

Term vs Universal Life Insurance: Which is Best?

When posed with the question "Term Life vs Universal life: Which is Best for Me?", you will be interested in finding out which has the lowest premiums, the right coverage limits for you and the best premium payment options for your lifestyle.  If you want the cheapest premiums, term life insurance is what you are looking for.  Of course, if you want life insurance that builds cash value and great interest rates, then Universal Life will be best for you.

About Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most pure form of life insurance, and is the simplest to arrange.  Your term life policy will be arranged to provide a cash death benefit to your beneficiaries so long as the premium is made during the course of the term of the policy.  The downside to this is that, once you reach the end of the policy term, you must renegotiate the policy to protect your family further with life insurance coverage.
Comparing Life Insurance Policies?

Deciding on Term vs Universal Life Insurance

Making any decision about life insurance can pose many more questions than can be answered by reading these web pages.  So, if you really want to know which is best for you: Term Life or Universal Life Insurance, please start by getting a free instant term life quote using the form to the right, then  call our life insurance counselors at 866-866-0242 to tailor the perfect life insurance policy for your needs.

Getting Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes

If you would like to know how much a term life insurance policy will cost, or if you think you are paying too much for an existing term life policy, please take a moment and use the instant term life insurance quote at the top of this page.  By answering a few simple questions, you will be presented with the best rates available for the policy you want.  If you still aren't sure, feel free to give our life insurance counselors at OutlookLife a call.  Even if you don't buy your life insurance from us, they will be glad to help you make the right decision.

About Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is an excellent tool for someone to provide for their family, as it includes both a death benefit as well as cash value for loans, should the need ever arise.  Add to these the flexibility of premiums and permanent life insurance aspects of a universal life insurance policy and this may be the best choice for you and your family.  To know for certain, please give our counselors a call at 866-866-0242 today.

Getting a  Universal Life Insurance Quote

Getting a quote for universal life insurance can be a complicated process because of all the choices you will need to make.  As with any financial decision, you should always seek guidance from trained independent life insurance counselors before purchasing your universal life insurance policy.  We have counselors standing by to help you with your decision, and are ready to help you answer the question that brought you here:
"Term Life vs Universal Life Insurance:
Which is Best for Me?"
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